Blockclips is a Roblox model used by Bossclips, and eventually used by the rest of the whole crib.

Origin Edit

The character "Blockclips" was made by Bossclips during a now private (and failed) stream, as a joke.

Shortly after, the crib started playing Roblox and dressing up as his character, they started playing Survivor (a Roblox game) and rigging the game by mass voting players.

Design Edit

Blockclips consists of a blocky, yellow head, a blocky red body with blue, block legs and a blocky yellow arm. However, Blockclips also has a Green, mutated arm that looks fucking stupid. Because of the Blocky design, people often call Blockclips a "Noob", which means a new player, as an insult. The Design was intentionally choosen to be terrible, but has since become a Racial debate amongst roblox istself, and how Human Models have taken over a game call RoBlox.

T-Shirts Edit

A list of random T-Shirts we have worn, some of which are other Biggie C memes


the template to look just like him