Bossclips is a boy who likes playing with his toys and toadette because he's a pubescent little boy haha

Origins Edit

Bossclips is a Youtuber who joined the old RH server, and eventually met Daytin. Daytin invited him to Biggie C's crib and that's pretty much it.

Bio Edit

Bossclips is most known for making bad jokes and wanting to watch bad movies or playing something dumb in Roblox. Luckily, he makes a few funny jokes so he isn't completely useless. He also complains about pointless things all the time.

Relationships Edit

He says hes in a relationship with toadette but she doesnt know nor is she real. Toadette and Bossclips have been going steady for a few years now.

Youtube Edit

Catchphrases Edit

  • "I did nothing wrong"
  • "Achoo"
  • "This isn't fair"
  • "Oh well, it doesn't matter"
  • "Awww shucks ya making me blush"
  • "Anyways..."
  •  :I
  •  :0
  • "You're just jealous"
  • Assuming any character called or named "Boss" is referring to him