Fat Albert is a character created by Bill Cosby

Orignome Edit

A relatively new and minor meme in the crib

The Fat Albert inside joke was mainly fueled by this tweet found by 20baisju, here. on the following day him and mrDaytin13 decided to raid the pictionary-esque game "" with faces of the character instead of the word given out

He was made relevant when the crib decided to watch the Fat Albert live action film. In the Film, Fat Albert turns to the Camera and has a seizure or something and then holds a peace sign, which the crib has translated as "Vape Nation".

Fat Albert dance

Fat Albert dance

Video of Albert Dancing

Hey, Hey, Hey! Edit

This being Fat Albert's quote, the crib members usually change it to other things.

  • Hey, hey, hey! I'm on my way
  • Hey, hey, hey! Stay outta my way
  • Hey, hey, hey! That's pretty gay
  • Hey, hey, hey! That's Pretty good
  • Hey, hey, hey! What'd I tell ya'll about comin' in my shed?
  • Hey, hey, hey! Christmas Day
  • Hey, hey, hey! Its time to play
  • Hey, hey, hey! Bae