HHGregg is a mascot for the store of the same name.

Origins Edit

The most popular video comes from an awful 2010 ad for their Christmas in July sale, which is just kinda a desperate attempt at not going bankrupt.
HH Gregg AD 2010 christmas in july

HH Gregg AD 2010 christmas in july

Around 2013 a huge number of YTPMVs Containing HHGregg as a Source started popping up, and after around 2 years, the meme died out. Very Recently, the Crib picked up on the meme after 20baisju started bringing him up in numerous occasions, and it became a beloved meme by the members of the Crib.

Lyrics Edit

Save on everything at Christmas in July!

H-H-H-H-H, H, H, H Gregg!

Panasonic Blu-ray, Ninety Nine dollars!

H-H-H-H-H, H, H, H Gregg!

32-inch LCD TV, Two Ninety Nine!

42-inch HDTV, Four Eighty Nine

Everything's on sale during Christmas in July!

H-H-H-H- (Decked by Snowball)

A snowball in July?

H, H Gregg!