ironminer888, now preferred to be called by Tyler, is one of the major members of the Crib, contributing to the Grand Vault of Memes.

Origins Edit

Tyler was picked up from the side of the Old Rhythm Heaven Server's voice chat by mrDaytin13 and has been a part of Biggie C's Crib ever since. Some said he was too clingy. Others say he "finally found his calling."

For those wondering, Tyler's profile picture is of Chihiro Fujisaki from the visual novel series Danganronpa. He usually changes his profile picture to other fictional characters, however.

"Just Shutup Ironminer Just Shutup" Edit

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This "dank meemay XD" was made to convey what everybody is thinking when he opens his mouth to speak. This is because Tyler is known is say arguably idiotic things at times, such as 2016-era memes like the theme song of the cartoon The Nutshack.

Kicking The Foo! Edit


This usually occurs when mrDaytin13 has had enough of ironminer888's crap and decides to do the deed. Daytin, being the benevolent overlord he is, usually invites Tyler back to the Crib within 10 minutes.

Relationship Edit

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He is currently in a polysexual relationship with Chauncey Woodcock