Mike Wazowski is a character from Monster's Inc and also god.

Mike wazowski

Origins Edit

Mike Wazowski was mentioned by people in the sever for a while. Until, one night members (Such as Bossclips and mrDaytin13) watched both Monster's Inc Films. They soon realized Mike was a very funny character, and the best part of both movies. This quickly turned into Mike being a god among men.

Relationships Edit

Mike Wazowski really likes Little Mikey, and insists that no one must touch him

Sub-Memes Edit

  • You're still not listening! AHHHHH!
  • Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me-!
  • She's out of our Hair!
  • Sushi? Sushi? You think this is about Sushi?
  • Yeah yeah kid this will just take a second will ya- YAAAAHHAHAAAAA!
  • Banishment! We could be next! / Why didnt we get banished here?
  • If I didn't have you
  • And he is outa here!!
  • You know . . . . that wasn't very funny.
  • Mike Falling out of chair
  • I . . . get a time out?

Mike Wazowski Variations Edit

Mike god

Mike Wazowski (God) was made by mrDaytin13, who experienced a life changing moment with Mike.

Bootleg Mike Wazowski

Bootleg Mike Wazowski is a poorly made parody of Mike in the TV Show, Mad. Do not associate with him.

Mike Pez

The Mike Wazowski Pez Dispenser is one of the several pieces of Mike merchandise Bossclips owns.

Look at me im dancin

Poorly Drawn Mike is a drawing by Bossclips.

Racist Mike Wazowski

Beta Mike is from an Early test animation for Monster's Inc. He wears an EPIC cowboy hat and is sometimes compared to the Racist Luigi meme.

Mike Wazowki Armor

Battle Mike is Mike from when he was protecting himself from Boo.

Other Edit

Mike was also on the Japanese TV show: Ponkickies 21. This animation was made by Pixar and was used to advertise the movie in Japan.
Ponkickies 21 Monsters Inc Janken segments

Ponkickies 21 Monsters Inc Janken segments

Rock, Paper, Scissors game

Ponkickies 21 Monsters Inc Lucky Door Game segments

Ponkickies 21 Monsters Inc Lucky Door Game segments

Lucky Door Game

Mike also made a cameo during the credits of Finding Nemo
Mike Wazowki Credits

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