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The Loud House is a Nickelodeon TV show. The crib commonly watches new episodes of the show together. Because of this, it has a few inside jokes in The Crib.

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The main cast

The official description of the show reads: "The Loud House is an American animated television series created by animator and comic illustrator Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, who is the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. It is set in a fictional town in Michigan called Royal Woods which is based on Chris Savino's hometown of Royal Oak."

Theme Song Edit

The Loud House Official Theme Song HQ

The Loud House Official Theme Song HQ

The Loud House Theme Song is a big song meme for the crib. Unfortunately, due to how short the better part of the song is, and the absence of an acapella version, causes the song to not have much potential in terms of mashing it up with other songs.

Pausing memeEdit

As stated before, the crib likes to watch the show together in a Rabbit. They discovered pausing the show at specific times reveals weird frames of animation in which characters have exaggerated bodies, stretched limbs, or just animation errors. This is due to the show's style of animation, in which characters stretch when they move quickly.

Got-it Edit

Got it is a loop of Lincoln saying got it. Pretty funny tbh.

Sad Loud House Edit

A video discovered by 20baisju, 'Sad Loud House' is another popular inside joke, mainly because of the irony in that it has very sad and depressing music but most of the pictures in the slideshow are very low quality and laughable, you can also put funny and upbeat music, such as the 'Monsters .inc Theme' or 'Seinfeld Opening Theme' make for a good laugh

Sad Loud House

Sad Loud House

The video in question


A example of one of the over-dramatic and laughable pictures







Sexy Loud House / Lewd House Edit

The "Sexy Loud House" or "Lewd House" is a running joke where similar to "Sad Loud House," We look at Pictures of "The Sexy Loud House" and play Funny Music over them. The Pictures themselves follow as Cringy, Bad, and Awful in an attempt to turn this Nickelodeon Television Show into something like Porn Material.

Lincoln Memes Edit

There are some memes involving Lincoln himself

  • Loss - a profile picture used by the Alt. of the same name
  • Lincoln gun - a picture of Lincoln attempting suicide
  • Lincoln is dead - a picture drawn by Daytin and then redrawn by Bossclips